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votbear replied to your chat “I was thinking about Nolan being visible irl and a conversation between us happened”

Nolan is perfect |D

You’re gonna feed his ego, haha. xD

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Yes the Mii’s you create can interact with each other, they can even fall in love, get married and have a kid.

If you want to get a friends Mii design they can select the Mii you desire and create a QR code of the Mii for you to scan and download. I’m not sure about street or spot pass as this is information I know from watching a persons LetPlay of the game.

Oh that is really cool! I was looking at a LetsPlay too and the guy didnt seem to have issues playing it alone. xD Thanks a lot! 

im so getting the game this weekend ;w;

I was thinking about Nolan being visible irl and a conversation between us happened

Me: People will keep staring at you.
Nolan: Yeah, well not everyone has BLUE HAIR. I wonder who was responsible for that.
Me: Well you are pretty good-looking too.
Nolan: Of course! I’m sexy as heck.
Me: I wonder WHO’S responsible for that huh?
Nolan: Please, my attractiveness is mine alone.


Do you need friends to play the game?

Oh God, that sounds so pathetic, haha xD

But I know that the game allows you to create multiple characters but I don’t know if you can let them interact with each other or can you only play with OTHER people’s Miis.

I really want to get the game but I can’t expect others to have it too in order for me to play with it.


If anyone has Tomodachi Life, could you share what you know with me? I want to know if it’s worth the money (IT’S LIKE $50 DAMN)



When an actor stumbles into their fandom on Tumblr:



i wonder if there is anyone nervous to talk to me.

It used to be Zion,and I (occasionally Moel), trying to calm Nolan down and making him see sense.

Now that Nolan has mellowed into a calmer, slightly more relaxed individual, our roles are reversed

I want to eat a cake.

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returning to a drawing after hours/days of not touching the canvas


I want to find a rooftop and fly

I feel like I want to get to know this tvmart person better.

I don’t really know her but she’s pretty rad and has awesome art \O3O/

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